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5 real estate trends for 2018

With the #metoo movement in full swing globally, the Barnaby baby mystery solved once and for all, and Stormy making it onto the list of top baby names for the first time since 1955, 2018 is gearing up to be a cracker. To add to the excitement, here are five top real estate trends you need to know about this year.

6th April 2018
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Six common questions about the First Home Owners Grant

uno fields questions about the First Home Owners Grant on a daily basis. Here, we break down the six most common questions we get asked, and answer them for you.

12th January 2018
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Are you self-employed? It’s a small detail that stops 4.1 million Aussies from getting a home loan

The self-employed – or gig economy workers – often struggle to get home loans. However, mortgage brokers and lenders say there is no reason why they can’t secure finance.

5th December 2017

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