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Two key lender changes you need to know about before you get your loan

The economic damage wrought by the COVID-19 crisis has forced lenders to rethink how much money they will lend for a property purchase and to whom. For some home buyers, the lenders’ policy changes could have major effects on when they’ll be able to buy and the sort of home they can afford. Here’s what

14th May 2020
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4 ways to save big bucks on your home loan

A recent uno survey found that 77% of mortgage holders view refinancing as a hassle. uno’s platform removes the hassle and let’s you search for a better deal on your mobile phone in 10 minutes.

16th October 2018
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uno announces $5m investment from Westpac to make further tech enhancements

Westpac has invested a further $5 million in uno – bringing its total investment to $26.5 million

10th October 2017
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Property investors: How much more is your interest-only home loan costing you?

Calculate the benefit of a principal and interest loan over an interest-only loan for your investment property.

17th July 2017
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RBA Leaves Cash Rate On Hold at 1.5% But What does That Even Mean??

Once again the RBA cash rate has remained unchanged at 1.5% In all of the noise, it’s hard to see what this even means anymore. Business profits are up Wage growth is slow Interest only loans are a thing of the past (maybe, but not just yet) Smaller lenders are cheaper than larger lenders –

6th June 2017
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Is now the right time to lock in a fixed interest rate?

The RBA’s recent commentary is a sobering bulletin for all property investors As an investor or homeowner, you’re probably mindful of the precarious situation the Australian economy is in right now. The property markets, most notably Sydney and Melbourne, have been growing at a blistering pace for years. Interest rates are low but could they

8th May 2017
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Real estate’s biggest trends for 2017

The year 2017 promises self-driving cars, Donald Trump’s “wall”, and the release of the final season of Game Of Thrones. But politics and pop culture aren’t the only sectors facing change. Here are uno’s key predictions for the year ahead in the property, technology and mortgage space. 1. The rise of technology According to a survey

18th January 2017
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A First look at Family Guarantees

Many people are surprised to hear me say I think now can be a very accessible time for first home buyers to purchase a property. While it’s of course true that house prices – particularly in Sydney and Melbourne – are at a record high, interests rates are also at record lows. Servicing the interest

27th October 2016

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