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uno shows Property Buyer Expo how to win at home loans

uno Home Loans took part in the Property Buyer Expo in Sydney recently, showing customers our new refinancing technology that makes it possible to search through some of Australia’s best lenders and get a loan recommendation in around 10 minutes.

11th September 2018
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September RBA announcement: what it means for you

It’s been a busy week with the first of the big banks, Westpac, opting to hike rates, inciting speculation others will follow. We break down what it means for you.

4th September 2018
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So the interest-only term on your mortgage is about to end? Let’s look at your options

Are you on an interest-only loan? While it’s generally investors who are, 1 in 4 IO loans are actually taken out by owner-occupiers. With 200,000 IO loans set to expire in the next few years, these people need to consider their options.

9th August 2018
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5 sharing economy hacks that can help you pay off your mortgage faster

More Australians are taking a second or third job to make ends meet. Taking advantage of the sharing economy is a great way to bulk up savings for a home deposit, or, if you have a home already, pay off that never-ending mortgage a little sooner.

3rd August 2018
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Alex and Prue got a first home owner concession to buy property

“Oftentimes our conveyancer was atrocious with her availability and guiding us as first home owners through the process, so uno would act in that role.”

25th June 2018
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Nidean used the first home owners grant

“Last year when I was thinking about buying a house it seemed so impossible. After talking to Tian and hearing, ‘here are your options’, I knew there was a little bit of hope there; that it was possible.”

5th June 2018
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How ethical is your home loan provider?

Is the Coq au Vin pasture-raised? Just as the ethical food movement drastically changed the way we dine at restaurants, a financial startup is challenging the way Australians think about their super fund.

1st June 2018
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Are you paying too much on your mortgage?

Our research shows 52% of Australians aren’t confident they’ve found the best home loan deal for them. Could you be paying too much on your mortgage?

25th May 2018
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What the 2018 federal budget means for homeowners

The 2018 budget includes investment in new major rail and public transport infrastructure, which uno Home Loans founder and CEO Vincent Turner says could drastically impact housing trends across the country.

10th May 2018

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