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The Floor Plan: A podcast for some real talk on real estate

  Are you on a mission to buy property? Or maybe you’re dreaming about breaking out of the rental rut and finding a little (or not so little) piece of Australia to call your own? Well, now there’s a podcast for that.   Whether you’re actively searching for your version of The Great Australian Dream,

30th May 2018
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“What size mortgage can I get?” These 4 questions reveal how much you can borrow

About to take the plunge on a home loan? This handy guide helps you prepare an application without destroying your credit score You’re ready to buy your first home or investment property. You’ve worked hard and you’ve saved. But, to turn that dream into reality, you need a loan… and you’re wondering how much you

17th October 2017
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eBook Download: How to Get a Discount on Your Home Loan

  Download the eBook Here It‘s a question all borrowers ask themselves: How can I get the best possible deal on my home loan? With thousands of loan configurations available every day from mortgage lenders in Australia, it can be difficult to know exactly which is the best one for you. That’s why we’ve developed

22nd August 2017
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Infographic: How much interest-only home loans are costing property investors in 2017

Some facts about property investors and interest-only loans Here’s how interest-only loans stack up against principal and interest loans for property investors in 2017. According to ASIC, up to 70% of property investors use interest-only loans Interest-only borrowings in Australia rose from $88.7 Billion in 2012 to $153.8 Billion in 2015 In 2017, lenders have

4th August 2017
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Need a little extra so you can buy your dream property? Here are 4 tips that can help maximise your borrowing power.

Hint: Tip #3 can help get you an extra $25,000 in borrowing power almost instantly If you’re looking to maximise your borrowing power, then this case study will show you how to get more from lenders.   Scott is a Business Development Manager who wanted to buy a property for $635,000. But he was having

16th June 2017
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3 refinancing secrets that get you special pricing from lenders they never disclose publicly

How a Sydney executive refinanced her multi-million dollar portfolio and locked in the absolute best 5 year deal.

2nd June 2017
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The benefits of selling without a real estate agent

Everyone selling a property tends to want the same outcome from the sale: For it to be convenient, to find a buyer willing to pay a top price, and not to incur unnecessary costs. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider selling your property without the assistance of a real estate agent. While

22nd March 2017
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Home Loan Product Features Explained

Feature About the feature Extra Repayment What is it? Extra Repayment refers to the additional amount the lender will allow you to contribute towards your home loan on top of your minimum repayment. Normally there’s no limit to the extra repayment amount for variable rate home loans But… A penalty (often known as a ‘break cost’)

30th November 2016
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Why choose uno?

uno provides all the information you need to choose the home loan that best fits your needs. Through uno, you have the same tools mortgage brokers have been using for years, which means you have full transparency over what’s available and total control over the entire process. We also have a panel of experienced experts

3rd November 2016

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