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Why are Australian homeowners rushing to refinance their mortgages?

Record numbers of Australian homeowners are rushing to refinance their mortgages to take advantage of steep drops in interest rates over the past few months. In May, a record 21,000 Australian homeowners refinanced $10 billion worth of home loans by moving to different lenders, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. That’s about

10th August 2020
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How to make dealing with finances feel like self care

“I’m feeling really stressed and overwhelmed, maybe i need to do a better job of looking after myself…but how do i do that?” *Types furiously into Google* Trust me, Google doesn’t have all the answers. You definitely don’t need another scented candle or that new surfboard. Could it be that you’re feeling a little beaten

5th August 2020
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Everything you need to know about buying a second property

You could have all sorts of reasons for wanting to buy a second piece of real estate. However, you need to make sure you’re prepared before you commit your money towards a second property.

4th August 2020
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Make today count: How to combat decision fatigue and get stuff done

COVID-19 has put our productivity and our sanity to the test.  Between adjusting to a completely new routine, taking endless Zoom calls, home-schooling kids (and making a seamlessly endless amount of snacks for them) – then having to juggle work and personal life on top of it, it’s no wonder many of us are experiencing

28th July 2020
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How to check you still have a great home loan

Ask any homeowner how long it took them to fill out their home loan or refinancing applications and, chances are, you’ll get an exasperated “12 hours” as a response – even when the reality is more like two hours. We’re seeing a huge shift in the way Aussie consumers are interacting with the property market,

27th July 2020
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How much could you save by refinancing your home loan?

When you refinance your home loan, it’s often to get a better interest rate than you have on your current home loan, in order to pay off your mortgage faster like a pro. This will save money in the long term. Whether you’re an owner/occupier or own an investment property, you can refinance through the

23rd July 2020
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The signs of a healthy home loan

Australians are on the whole a pretty health-conscious nation. Not just in the way we live and eat, but more so now as we all take steps to keep ourselves, our families and our loved ones safe and healthy during COVID-19. But Aussies’ bodies aren’t the only thing we should treat as a temple that

23rd July 2020
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How to make cash out refinance work for you

What Is A Cash Out Refinance? When you refinance your home loan to borrow money (from your property’s equity) to buy a new car, for example, lenders call this a “cash out” refinance.  One of the big reasons people look to refinance their home loan and take cash out of their home equity is that

22nd July 2020
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Why teachers can get a better home loan deal

Could it be true? Do teachers get better mortgage rates? Teaching is a rewarding profession in many ways, but one of the lesser-known benefits is that teachers are highly sought after by lenders. Their stable employment and resulting incomes mean that banks and home lenders are keen to offer teachers home and investment loans. In

21st July 2020