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Why you’ll probably pay less interest with a small lender

On the average $400,000 home loan, a difference of 1 percentage point can add up to $73,000 in extra interest over the life of the loan. It’s no wonder customers are defecting to the cheaper, smaller guys.

16th April 2018
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The three must-have mortgage features to get you out of debt fast

A home loan can be a virtually watertight mechanism to grow your wealth – or like a leaky bucket, with much of your hard-earned money trickling into the lender’s profit pool. Here are three mortgage features that make the difference.

20th March 2018
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How much is it safe to borrow… really?

Even though mortgage regulators are cracking down on how much banks are lending, chances are they will still extend you too much, writes Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon.

19th December 2017
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Switching Lenders Could Save You Thousands

Can’t be bothered switching? Think it’s too soon to refinance? Delve a little deeper and you’ll realise the potential savings are enormous, writes Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon.

9th November 2017

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