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How I sliced 11 years off my mortgage

Read how concreter Ken Smith consolidated his loans and shaved $7000 off his mortgage.

4th May 2018
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Syed refinanced to get a better rate

“I bought the property in April 2015 and wanted to use the growing equity to possibly invest. I also wanted to get a better interest rate.”

18th December 2017
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How buyer’s agents can tilt the odds in your favour

There are a lot frustrated buyers out there, overwhelmed by selling agents’ tactics and sick of underquoting. Buyer’s agents exist to help these people.

24th November 2017
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The great Australian compromise: why many struggle to buy their dream home

Families, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, have found themselves compromised by the skyrocketing value of surrounding properties. But owners looking to upgrade to their dream home in a rising market have a few options.

23rd November 2017
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Switching to Solar Could Slash Household Costs

Melbourne artist and mother-of-two, Marnie Higgs needs no further evidence of the power of the sun on her family finances. Higgs and her husband decided to install solar panels on their family home in Blackburn South in January. “It’s something we’d spoken about for a while,” she says. “We were passionate about getting it done

16th October 2017
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Christine acted as guarantor to give her kids a leg-up onto the property ladder

Like many parents, Christine Freney wanted to help her kids on the path to home ownership. But it’s never been more difficult for young people to secure an affordable home. Find out how uno helped Christine and her son secure the perfect loan – together.

6th October 2017
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How to Get a Discount on Your Home Loan

It’s a question all borrowers ask: How can I get the best deal on my home loan? uno’s chief financial officer and head of home loans, Jason Azzopardi, shares his home loan hacks with customers looking for the best deal.

12th September 2017
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Self-employed Damien refinanced his loan

Sydney-born Damien has taken his lifelong passion for music and technology and found professional success internationally as the founder and CEO of New York-based Blue Pie Records. But as anyone growing a business knows, things can be tricky financially – and Damien decided it was time to face the music on his home loan.

18th August 2017
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8 Reasons Why It’s Smarter to Get Your Home Loan Through uno

uno Home Loans has revolutionised Australia’s home-loan market. Every month, we use our technology to assist thousands of homeowners, investors, refinancers, first-home buyers and downsizers get the right deal – the loan that best suits their individual circumstances. And we provide great advice and service along the way, demystifying and simplifying what can often be

18th August 2017

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