I said, ‘here is my situation’ and three hours later I had a document with my options… simple as that

Refinancing remains an attractive option for homeowners looking to improve their debt levels and have greater financial flexibility. Here’s how uno helped Syed Hasan get a better deal on his home loan.

uno helped me pay for the renovations I’ve always wanted

Like many homeowners, Chris La Fou hadn’t considered refinancing his home loan. It wasn’t really something he knew about. After chatting to a uno home loan adviser, he was able to switch lenders and use the equity in his home to pay for renovations, a new car, and a trip to Hawaii with his mates.

How Christine acted as guarantor and gave her kids a leg-up onto the property ladder

Like many parents, Christine Freney wanted to help her kids on the path to home ownership. But it’s never been more difficult for young people to secure an affordable home. Find out how uno helped Christine and her son secure the perfect loan – together.

Self employed? You can still make your home loan a smash hit.

Sydney-born Damien has taken his lifelong passion for music and technology and found professional success internationally as the founder and CEO of New York-based Blue Pie Records. But as anyone growing a business knows, things can be tricky financially – and Damien decided it was time to face the music on his home loan.

Property investment for retirement

Robyn Cott had long-held plans to retire to the country. The 54-year-old accountant from Richmond, in Sydney’s northwest, craved a quieter life on the other side of the Blue Mountains….

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“The ‘live chat’ messaging made it possible to exchange all necessary details at our convenience”

Andrew Niklaus, who has been deaf since birth, used uno’s online chat function to find his ideal home loan. This is his story. Working in the disabilities support and childcare industries,…

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