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I haven’t sold my property yet and may need a bridging loan – is this something uno could help with?

Yes, we will do our best to help you organise finance to ease the stress in that anxious period between buying and selling a home. One option is a bridging loan, which lets you finance the purchase of a new home while your current property sells. If you feel you might need to go down this path, please reach out to us immediately. Risk can be managed with careful planning and strategy. Just contact us on 133 866 or via online chat.

For more information on bridging loans, read our feature article on the topic here.

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Key Fact Sheet (KFS)

A document authored and published by a lender in a set format to inform borrowers about a the features of a loan. The product KFS is usually available via the lender website.


The guarantor is legally responsible for paying back the entire loan if the borrower cannot or will not make the repayments. The guarantor will also have to pay any fees, charges and interest.


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