Explaining assessment rates

You may assume that your lender uses their standard variable rate when figuring out your borrowing strength. This isn’t true. Instead, they’ll use an assessment rate to work out how much you can borrow.

Comparing Property Valuations and Property Appraisals

Your real estate agent may appraise your property. However, this isn’t the same as the valuation a lender will carry out. Let’s look at the differences between the two.

Home loans for citizens of New Zealand

Most New Zealand citizens and permanent residents can apply for a home loan when buying a home in Australia. Conditions will vary based on your status and the location of the property.

Using a Letter of Employment to Prove Your Income

Lenders ask for proof of your income as part of your home loan application. In cases where your payslips and tax returns don’t offer enough information, you may also need to provide a letter of employment.

uno Offers Customers Bank-Level Security Backed by a $1 million Insurance Policy

Your information is protected by bank-level security covered by an industry-first insurance policy.

Explaining Loan to Value Ratios

The Loan to Value Ratio plays an important role in determining how much risk lenders attach to your home loan. You need to understand what it means and how it may affect your ability to borrow.

Is the lowest interest rate the better deal?

We talk ‘better deal’ and not ‘better rate’ because customers are not always solving for solely lowest rate and there are other things to consider like fees.  This means checking…

I think I’ve found a better deal than the one uno found me. What do I do now?

You’ll need to send us a Credit Proposal or an indicative or conditional approval or a loan offer from another lender. You can send it to your dedicated uno expert…

What assurance can’t you provide?

We can’t assure you that: You’ll be an Eligible Applicant; or Even if you are an Eligible Applicant, a lender will fund your home loan. You can find the terms…