Is the lowest interest rate the better deal?

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We talk ‘better deal’ and not ‘better rate’ because customers are not always solving for solely lowest rate and there are other things to consider like fees.  This means checking all of the product features & fees to ensure you receive the deal that meets your individual requirements and objectives.  The other critical objectives customersalso solve for include borrowing power and service levels.

When we talk about getting a better deal, we mean the loan that has the features and structure to suit a customer’s individual requirements and objectives that comes with the lowest possible cost – whether the customer chooses to minimise costs on a monthly basis, or over the entire life of the loan. Interest rates are a big part of what makes a home loan deal a great one.  There’s so much more than just rates when getting a better deal for the customer.

You can find the terms and conditions of the Better Deal Challenge here

Helen McMurdo

Helen is Head of Content at uno - the smarter, faster way to get a better home loan.