Calculating Depreciation on an Investment Property

Depreciation of a property is something that investors try to avoid. However, Australia’s tax laws can help you deal with depreciation in several ways. You just need to avoid the tax traps many fall into.

Explaining Loan to Value Ratios

The Loan to Value Ratio plays an important role in determining how much risk lenders attach to your home loan. You need to understand what it means and how it may affect your ability to borrow.

The Benefits of a Mortgage Offset Account

Interest is the biggest burden you face when taking out a home loan. Anything you can do to keep interest payments low will benefit you in the long run. A mortgage offset account allows you to do just that.

How to get a discount on your home loan

It’s a question all borrowers ask: How can I get the best deal on my home loan? uno’s chief financial officer and head of home loans, Jason Azzopardi, shares his home loan hacks with customers looking for the best deal.

20 Questions to Ask a Mortgage Broker

Working with a mortgage broker can help you to deal with the complexities surrounding home loans. But you need to make sure you work with the right person. Ask these questions to find a suitable broker.

Changing Loans When You Change House

Changing your home loan when you move to a new house can present a few problems. It can also be a smart financial move for you. These are the things you need to consider when you move house and change loans.

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Strata Properties

Investing in strata-titled homes is different from investing in a freestanding property. Each has pros and cons, so let’s look at what you need to consider when investing in strata-titled homes.

Using Superannuation to Buy a House

First home buyers received a little extra help in the 2017 Federal Budget. You can now use the funds you save in a superannuation account towards your home loan deposit.

Explaining Comparison Rates

Why do lenders have to offer comparison rates for their home loans? Let’s untangle the legalities so you understand what a comparison rate is and why you should expect one from your lender.