The three must-have mortgage features to get you out of debt fast

A home loan can be a virtually watertight mechanism to grow your wealth – or like a leaky bucket, with much of your hard-earned money trickling into the lender’s profit pool. Here are three mortgage features that make the difference.

Can Barnaby BEET the home loan system now he’s a backbencher?

The news is in: Barnaby Joyce is moving to the backbench, AND moving out of his rent-free Armidale apartment to look for new digs. Should he take the plunge and buy a property? We’ve decided to help him out in his hour of need by looking at what he’ll have to consider to take out a home loan…

What to do with this week’s least surprising news

While other events this week may have blindsided us (Super Bowl, anyone?), the RBA’s decision to keep rates on hold did not. On top of today’s announcement, here are some other signifiers that might suggest it’s time to check your home loan rate.

This Valentine’s Day, play the field with your interest rate and trade up to a lender that loves you back

Double-crossing mortgage holders – that is, those who shop around for a better deal – pay 30 basis points less on their home loan than those who stick to their current interest rate, uno Home Loans has found.

If your new year’s resolution is to save more money, try switching your interest rate

Forty per cent of Aussie mortgage holders don’t know the interest rate they’re paying on their home loan and are likely to be paying off their mortgage at a much higher rate than they should be.

Should we stay or should we go? The pros and cons of renovation vs relocation

To stay or not to stay. That is the question many homeowners encounter as their lives change and families expand. It’s never an easy choice to make. Here, we outline the pros and cons for staying and renovating, or selling and relocating.

I said, ‘here is my situation’ and three hours later I had a document with my options… simple as that

Refinancing remains an attractive option for homeowners looking to improve their debt levels and have greater financial flexibility. Here’s how uno helped Syed Hasan get a better deal on his home loan.

Which mortgage features do I actually need?

Borrower requirements are diverse, so a feature that provides flexibility and choice for one mortgage holder may be an unnecessary cost to another.

Rates, house prices and the Royal Commission: the year that was

It’s been a year of peaks and troughs for the Australian property market and today’s decision by the RBA to keep rates on hold at 1.50% is borne of a range of factors likely to shape the outcome of 2018.

Choosing the right investment property loan

Investment loans can be simple – like an owner-occupier mortgage, for example – or more complex, with features to help borrowers make effective use of tax and gearing. 

uno helped me pay for the renovations I’ve always wanted

Like many homeowners, Chris La Fou hadn’t considered refinancing his home loan. It wasn’t really something he knew about. After chatting to a uno home loan adviser, he was able to switch lenders and use the equity in his home to pay for renovations, a new car, and a trip to Hawaii with his mates.

What You Need to Know About Flood Insurance

It’s important to think about more than your home loan when buying a property. You also have to consider its susceptibility to natural disasters.