Sharon Austin

Sydney, New South Whales

About My Service

Here for the long haul

I have partnered with uno to build a long term business relationship to support my customers, you

Fully supported end to end

UNO runs the entire support and customer care program ensuring consistently delivered, unparalleled service

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UNO's technology is unrivalled in the industry, it helps me deliver better, faster results for you

About me

In the past 22 years I have helped my clients navigate through the various stages of their lives and guided them through their personal and economic challenges that impact them financially.

I began as a Mortgage Broker in July 2000 having had a previous business and 2 young children which enables me to help my clients navigate through the stages of their lives from personal experience. From the purchase of their first home to their Second home through to purchasing investment properties and preparing for their retirement.

I take pride in building a partnership for the long term with my clients which allows me to help facilitate their dreams, goals and challenges. This is a journey we share together.

Some might say this is a service, I say “It’s a privilege to be a part of the exciting moments and to possibly be a solution during the challenging times of my clients lives”.

I would love to hear from you and how I can help in your life journey.

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