Win at home loans

Why choose uno?

uno provides all the information you need to choose the home loan that best fits your needs. Through uno, you have the same tools mortgage brokers have been using for years, which means you have full transparency over what’s available and total control over the entire process. We also have a panel of experienced experts

How secure is uno and how is my data stored?

uno currently uses the industry-standard TLS certificate with 1024-bit encryption for your data security. Data is encrypted and stored on a cloud storage service with one of the strongest block ciphers available – 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). We constantly review our system requirements as data-security technology evolves.

What is the Shortlist?

The shortlist pulls together all of the home loans you like when you do your product search. Saving your shortlist allows you to review it later or perhaps share it with your partner. Our advisers can also assess your shortlist and add a home loan product as part of an expert review.

What is an Expert Review and why should I get one?

An Expert Review is required so that we can help you choose the a home loan that meets your needs. A review gives our experts the chance to analyse your home loan shortlist and financial situation and recommend products that suit your circumstances.

How are the home loan search results ordered?

The search order is determined only by the total cost of the home loan. While lenders pay commissions to get a higher listing on comparison sites, uno is different – it arranges its home loans according to how suitable they are for your needs.

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