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Six terms you need to know to be home loan ready

We asked our team of brokers to break down some of the most common (and misunderstood) terms you’ll hear when applying for a home loan.  1. Liabilities  Liabilities refer to formal ongoing obligations, such as a personal loans and HECS debt, which are separate to day-to-day expenses. Liabilities go on your Veda report (what lenders

How will my property be valued?

Your lender chooses one of three methods to value properties – electronic valuation, drive-by valuation and in-house valuation. Its decision is based on the estimate you provide and your desired loan amount.

What is my current house worth?

Well, you won’t know that for certain until someone makes you an offer! We can definitely help you know what someone might expect to pay for a house such as yours by running a property search, finding comparable sales and giving you a value estimation. Call 133 866 or contact us via online chat.

How much will stamp duty cost me?

Use uno’s Stamp Duty Calculator for a guide on stamp duty costs. Stamp duty is a percentage of the purchase price paid to the state government to process the property ownership transfer. It is a charge that’s payable in every Australian state and territory – Victoria, NSW, Queensland, WA, SA, Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory

What is the minimum I need to borrow to purchase the property I choose?

No one wants to borrow more than is necessary, of course, but it can be difficult to predict exactly how much you will need. As well as your property’s purchase price, you need to take into account things like house and contents insurance and relocation costs, as well as transaction fees such as stamp duty and

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