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Upgrade or renovate? How one growing family decided with uno

David and Samantha Jack needed to face up to an issue confronting many couples as their families grow. Should they borrow to renovate and make their home more family friendly or sell up and upgrade to a property that better suits their needs? The Jacks bought their home in Sydney’s Northmead in 2002. David Jack

How uno helped a first home buyer find the ideal loan

Suddenly, the clock was ticking for David*. The 34-year-old IT worker had been living with his parents on the NSW Central Coast to save money for a home deposit. He had just discovered his contract job in Sydney had turned into a permanent role, which finally gave him some financial certainty, when his parents told

Owning your dream home in 9 easy steps

There might be one thing worse than being outbid for your “dream” property – not being able to bid at all because your finances aren’t in order. This is a sadly familiar story for those who want to buy a home they see on a property website but can’t move quickly enough to secure it.

7 of the best home loan deals right now

Once upon a time, banks occasionally loaned money to their customers. But the banks made them work hard for it. Applicants had to be long-term customers who had saved a large deposit and proved beyond doubt they were capable of paying the loan back. Back then, not so long ago, consumers had little choice when

Real estate’s biggest trends for 2017

The year 2017 promises self-driving cars, Donald Trump’s “wall”, and the release of the final season of Game Of Thrones. But politics and pop culture aren’t the only sectors facing change. Here are uno’s key predictions for the year ahead in the property, technology and mortgage space. 1. The rise of technology According to a survey

The best time to refinance your home loan? Right now.

There’s never a bad time to look at refinancing your mortgage. The best time, though, is when interest rates are at all-time record lows, as they are at the moment. That’s the view of Joseph Farhat, mortgage coach at uno home loans. “I would definitely say that the interest rate is one of the main

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