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Six terms you need to know to be home loan ready

We asked our team of brokers to break down some of the most common (and misunderstood) terms you’ll hear when applying for a home loan.  1. Liabilities  Liabilities refer to formal ongoing obligations, such as a personal loans and HECS debt, which are separate to day-to-day expenses. Liabilities go on your Veda report (what lenders

4 ways to win the property auction game

Don’t let anyone convince you that there’s a “surefire way” to come out on top at a property auction. Every auction is different, and finishing with the best final bid is part science, bluff, luck and performance art. Richard Wakelin has been in the property business for four decades. The Melbourne-based founder and director of

How to spot the ultimate hidden gem property

We’ve all seen them on websites and on the open-house trail – unloved and loveless properties. They’re the ones with the peeling wallpaper, missing fireplace, torn lino and lime-green carpets. Your first reaction might be “eeew, who’d buy that?” But many potential buyers, such as Bernadette Janson, who founded The School of Renovating in Sydney’s

What is the application process?

Finding the right home loan for you is simple with uno. Here are the steps in our application process: 1. Use uno’s tools and search functions to create a list of home loans that are likely to best meet your requirements. 2. Save the home loans you like the most to a shortlist. This allows

How does uno work?

uno puts the power in your hands to find the right home loan deal. It’s an online service that gives you total control over the home loan process. You insert a few details to tell uno what you need from a home loan and within milliseconds uno will present you with a list of suitable

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