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Lorita ChidiacHome Loan Consultant

After working for one of the big 4 banks for a few years, I am so happy to be part of the uno brand. I have always loved helping people, but uno takes it a step further by having the right technology to do just that. I can't wait to see what wonderful things uno has in store for the future.

Colleen OgilvieHome Loan Support

I’ve been helping people for 15 years and enjoy getting them the best outcomes possible. uno is a great place to work because our team is hands-on. We give our customers great experiences and achieve their dreams of home ownership.

Nicole BreslerHome Loan Consultant

The ultimate highlight on any given day for me here at uno is when I speak to first time home buyers. They soak up every word, making sure they don't miss anything. I know my day has been a good one when their tone changes from uncertainty at the beginning of the call and ends with confidence: knowing they’ve got this and it doesn't have to be the most daunting process to go through.

Akinola AkinsanmiHome Loan Adviser

After spending just a few months at uno, it’s nothing like where I have ever been. It has an amazing culture of transparency and friendliness and working alongside some of the smartest people across various fields definitely makes uno a great workplace.

Alyssa JavierHome Loan Consultant

Making the move to uno has been nothing but supportive and friendly. I feel like we've grown to become family in such a short time. I love that we strive together and put ourselves in the customers shoes by giving our customers the best out of our service every day.

Stacey ZhouHome Loan Adviser

I love working at uno because the system is brilliant and easy to use and people here are very knowledgeable, approachable and easygoing. We only do what's in the best interest of the client and we always try to ‘be the customer’ so that we all perform at our best. Cool!

Carol FarahHome Loan Support

Being new at uno but not in this type of role, I have picked up the vibe in our office: Working with passionate people: The people I work with are passionate about what they do and always trying to improve. they take so much care when helping their clients. The change and variety: there is hardly ever a dull moment. With plenty of diverse challenges and opportunities, working at uno provides opportunity for career growth and practicing leadership and entrepreneurship.

Tony KarevskiHome Loan Adviser

Working in the finance industry is a strong passion of mine and is what I know best. I enjoy engaging with people and creating and maintaining long-standing relationships. Assisting a family with their finances, creating wealth and getting them into a new home gives me great satisfaction. At uno, I have the opportunity to do this everyday with the best tools and technology at my disposal.

Germain MolinaHome Loan Adviser

I have been in lending and technology for nearly three decades now and worked for some amazing companies. But uno is something unique and special when it comes to customer service. The team is innovative in providing the latest technology to make the customer experience smooth and, of course, I get to work with amazing individuals who have one thing in common - to make uno Home Loans … numero uno! The name certainly fits our culture.

Amy ManikamHome Loan Support

Every day is different, challenging and exciting. No two days are ever the same.

Tiffany ForemanHome Loan Support

I enjoy coming into work everyday knowing that I will be working in a great atmosphere alongside great people who are all here for a similar reason – to help customers achieve their dreams.

Tian LiuHome Loan Adviser

It is a fresh breath of air to join uno after 12 years in corporate banking. Using my knowledge and experience to help people achieve their goals is my passion – and uno has provided me with the opportunity to do so.

Kym MooreHome Loan Advisor

uno is a special place to work: great culture and people – all with the same mindset of doing the very best for our customers, every time.

Maria AlmazanHome Loan Consultant

Coming from a corporate environment, it's refreshing to be part of a team of people who support each other in the quest for a better customer outcome.

Luke TranHome Loan Consultant

Having experienced working at several organisations within the home loan industry, I can honestly say uno has hit the ground running. Living in an era where there isn't ever enough time, uno's technology helps to streamline the home loan process for customers, making it easier for our customers to achieve their property dream.

Rayvin RagooHome Loan Consultant

Since joining uno, I've experienced the most positive, friendly conversations – not only with our amazing customers, but with my incredible team. Getting a home loan can be a daunting experience, but it puts a huge smile on my face when I am able to answer questions and help customers with their concerns.

Jason JehanHome Loan Consultant

What appeals to me about uno is that it provides an innovative service that’s really making life easier for our customers. The technology empowers me to do what I enjoy: find solutions to the most complex situations.

Carlo MonzoHome Loan Adviser

I love helping people! It is great to be part of such a progressive company that believes in delivering a high-quality experience and excellent customer service. Our technology is state of the art and the first of its kind in Australia. It's lots of fun getting to use this technology each day and innovating the banking industry.

Stephen LiangHome Loan Adviser

Since working in my parents' shop at the age of eight, I have loved working in roles where I can put a smile on the customer's face. Nowadays, I am excited to be part of the uno family as it looks to transform the home loans industry.


Annette WilsonHome Loan Support

uno, for me, is a fantastic team of like-minded people, who are totally focused on providing customers with the best possible outcome and service by giving them the tools to really help themselves. I get to combine my experience in conveyancing, real estate and mortgage broking over the past 25 years, to help others. It feels great!

Crystal BowmanHome Loan Support

The culture at uno is something I have never experienced before. Everyone is so different, yet so nice and open-minded. Together, we make an awesome team and a great working environment. I can't wait to help make more people aware of what uno is all about!  

Paul SealeyHome Loan Adviser

I've worked in the financial services industry for more than 14 years now and can honestly say I've never worked for a company like uno. It's full of so many positive people and the culture is simply amazing. It's an exciting time to have joined, and all I can say is I can't wait to see where this journey takes us.  

Geeta WarghadeHome Loan Support

It is a great experience to work at uno. Everyone has their dream job! Since I first found out about uno, I knew this was the team I wanted to work with.  

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