For too long, Australians have been settling for too little when it comes to their mortgage. Lack of true choice, lack of transparency, lack of control and advice based more on familiarity than logic or numbers, all wrapped in a draconian, highly manual and positively 20th century process.

uno imagines a world where people simply connect their bank accounts, upload some documents and in a matter of seconds are presented with the very best options for their current and future needs, with complete visibility to everything on offer. Where advice comes from real people who are powered by the very same capability our customers have and are paid no commission on the outcome.

This vision enables our customers to spend additional time and money on the things that matter more to them than getting a mortgage. It enables them to own their home sooner, generate wealth & security, improve their household and ultimately lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Why uno?

Finding the right home loan should not be time consuming or complex. And, more importantly, you should be confident you’ve found the best possible home loan deal.

Here’s what we are doing about it…


What we see, you see! We’ll show you all the best home loans that match your situation, not just a few. Here’s the thing… There are hundreds and hundreds of different mortgage products and there are thousands of variations or ‘rules’ that modify those products based on a customer’s unique situation. This leads to thousands of possible product configurations for an individual customer. Without smart technology, it’s extremely difficult for anyone – be that a customer or an adviser – to identify what the best options are. uno filters through all these product combinations, and intelligently simplifies to display options specific to you.

Plus, you’ll see clearly that no lender or product is ever prioritised for any reason other than the criteria that you’ve entered.

No hidden agenda:

Our team of experts are not paid a sales commission, so you can be confident you’re getting the advice that is right for you. The commission we receive, as a business from lenders, is reinvested into the technology, platform, content as well as our people so that we can not only offer customers a better deal but great advice too.

Make it easy:

We work 86 hours a week to offer home loan advice and support when it suits you, from 8am to 10pm weekdays and from 9am to 5pm on weekends. Chat, email, phone, text – you choose. No need to travel or meet face to face.

Expert advice at your fingertips: Our experts are here to advise on how to best structure your loan so you can be confident you’re getting the best deal for you. Plus, we accept and thrive on even the most complex situations. Chat to an expert today

Who are we?

Our head office is based in the heart of Surry Hills in Sydney, and we help customers all over Australia. The uno team is 38 people strong and growing.

uno has a number of committed shareholders, including Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 which has invested $26.5 million in uno as a majority shareholder. Westpac’s support allows us to take advantage of the financial strength of one of Australia’s most established companies.

Team uno.


Vincent Turner CEO

After spending a decade designing and building software for banks and brokers in Australia, then another 5 years building consumer facing technology in San Francisco, I'm stoked to be bringing all that together back in Australia to create something truly innovative for the benefit of people generally. Plus I get to work with some amazing, interesting and super switched on people every day. Excellent.


Kirsty Davison CMO

With 20 years in digital, marketing, product development, strategy and general management, I've worked in large corporates and small digital businesses in Australia and the UK across ecommerce, media, travel and finance industries. It's incredibly unique to find a place where there are so many talented and passionate people and it's exciting to be able to turn a blank sheet of paper into something amazing. Everyone genuinely wants to make a difference.


Jason Azzopardi CFO & Head of Home Loans

After 20 years working in private practice, for UK corporates and for the big banks, I'm excited to help build a sustainable, transparent, customer facing digital business using revolutionary technology that ensures home owners receive the best customer experience and financial outcome.


Thomas Gao CTO

After spending 10 years designing and building broker tools, I am bringing together a team of full-stack engineers to work with wonderful UXers, designers and service team to build consumer facing software across web and native mobile apps.


Andrew Huang Finance Manager

I have spent the last 8 years working in the telecommunications and banking industries and at uno I'm across all the numbers. I am delighted to have joined uno at a time where there is so much disruption going on in the finance and banking industry. The team at uno is relentless in coming up with solutions to provide the best experience with the best financial outcome for home buyers by redefining the way Australian's secure property finance. I get to work with some incredible, passionate and intelligent people, which makes it an amazing place to work.


Andy Coffey UI Lead

I'm a User Interface Designer with over 20 years experience. For a long while I worked on lots big things with the likes of Fairfax, Telstra and the AFL, but for the last 6 years I've been helping get new businesses and products (‘startups' if you must) off the ground. Uno is a wonderful opportunity to not only build something new and beautiful with a great team, but also a chance to create something meaningful that can truly have an impact.


Annette Wilson Home Loan Support

uno for me is a fantastic team of like minded people, who are totally focused on giving people the best possible outcome and service by giving them the tools to really help themselves. I get to combine my experience in conveyancing, real estate and mortgage broking over the past 25 years to help others, it feels great!


Bronson Chan Home Loans Solutions Consultant

I've always found finance, technology and numbers to be absolutely fascinating. Back in 2010, I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to pursue and experience all of the above. At the beginning of 2016, I was asked to be part of something big, something different and most of all, be part of something that will be able to make a positive impact on someone's life. Joining uno has been life changing and it is great to be part of a team that shares the same vision.


Carlo Monzo Home Loan Adviser

I love helping people! It is great to be part of such a progressive company that believes in delivering a high quality experience and customer service. Our technology is state of the art and the first of its kind in Australia. It's lots of fun getting to use this technology each day and innovating the banking industry.


Erin Fryer Head of Marketing

I'm super excited to be part of the uno team and to have the opportunity to create something from scratch. A marketers dream! I'm loving being amongst a team of amazing people that continually challenge the way we do things, and raise the bar to offer a truly customer first, digitally led experience. From years working in large corporates, it's a refreshing and exciting change, and it's only just the beginning! Bring it!


Helen McMurdo Head of Content & PR

I love working with early-stage businesses that are on a mission to make the world a better place. uno is bringing a breath of fresh air to home loans - providing much-needed customer transparency, empowerment and technology to the biggest financial decision most of us make in a lifetime.


Justin Bohlmann Digital Marketing Manager

I was first handed the book 'Building Wealth Through Investment Property by Jan Somers' while I was living out of a swag in East Timor back in 1999. Form then on I was hooked. As luck would have it, I now get to combine my passion for property with my passion for solving problems and helping people get from where they are now to where they want to be - and I'm loving it!"


Jude Rajkumar Head of Product

Bring a total geek, I love numbers and technology. Having had 20 years in delivering online products, I also admire truly awesome experiences which bring glimpses of joy into the digital day-2-day. At uno, I'm already working with great technology, so my role is to understand it and, along with the super-smart people who work here, make it more impactful to our customers lives. What a privilege!


Lambert Lam Business Analyst

For the past 15 years I have had a variety of experiences in financial services, technology and food in Sydney and across the globe in London. I'm super excited to have the opportunity to bring it all together at uno where I get to share the journey of creating something really innovative with a group of brilliant people every day. Awesome!


Milton Lai Senior Engineer

uno has provided me with a fast-paced, full-stack development environment most developers dream about. Supported by a fantastic team, it has pushed our designs, decisions and ourselves to produce quality, client facing software. I've come from a cross-platform, full-stack engineering background with a touch of customer service.


Paul Sealey Home Loan Adviser

I've worked in the financial services industry for over 14 years now and can honestly say I've never worked for a company like uno. The company is full of so many positive people and the culture is simply amazing. It's an exciting time to have joined, and all I can say is I can't wait to see where this journey takes us.


Kristie Oldfield Home Loan Consultant

Having been in the industry for a few years now, I can finally say that I have met my match. At uno I feel a part of the bigger picture and with the support of the uno team and access to exciting technology, I get to live my dream of helping people, every single day.


Crystal Bowman Home Loan Support

The culture at uno is something I have never experienced before. Everyone is so different, yet so nice and open-minded. Together we make up such an awesome team environment. I can't wait to help make more people aware of what uno is all about!


Matthew Nugent Digital Marketing Analyst

I am super excited to be a part of the uno family and work with some amazingingly talented poeple in delvering our mission of improving the world one household at a time. I have the opportunity to combine my passions of technology and data to deliver digital consumer experiences that allows uno to help people get the best financial outcome.


Dee Singh Office Manager

It is a great feeling to be working at uno alongside such an awesome and inspiring team whose main purpose is to deliver happiness all around. I love to be able to offer people that little extra bit of happiness when helping them. I love to solve problems, I'm happier when I can dig into a problem and find a solution to make somebody's life a little bit better. People are incredibly talented and so stinkin' understanding. When I'm not on my Macbook you'll probably find me with friends doing whatever there is to do that weekend in Sydney!


John Go Test Analyst

I've worked within the Banking and Technology industries over the past 10 years. With uno, it's an exciting prospect to be involved with, both shaping the industry and being able to contribute and work with a fun and talented bunch of folks.


Alexiy Charamko Data Analyst

Coming from a background that includes software, engineering, mathematics, bioinformatics and genetics, to say I'm passionate about data would be quite the understatement. And now I get to find useful, novel markers in uno's data as they grow and transform the home loans category.


Torika Vimosoi Home Loan Support

Being in customer service based roles for the past 15 years, I truly enjoy helping customers understand their financial options, and getting them where they want to be. Every single person at uno shares the same passion, which is such a breath of fresh air and definitely something I couldn't wait to be a part of! It's such a great feeling to be in an environment that has the technology to truly nurture the customer experience.


Stephen Liang Home Loan Consultant

I have loved working in roles in which I can put a smile on a customer's face ever since my parents got me started in their retail shop at the age of eight. Nowadays, I am excited to be a part of the uno family as they look to transform the home loans industry.


Geeta Warghade Home Loan Support

It is great experiance to work at uno. Everyone has their dream job! Since I first found out about uno, I knew this is the team I want to work with.


Nathan Prosser Compliance Officer

uno is changing up how we approach mortgages and this means viewing things from a different perspective. The opportunity for me to work in an environment with passionate and talented people who are helping progress our industry and push boundaries is a unique and exciting challenge.


Nicki Coates Senior Product Manager

With 10 years experience managing digital products in Australia and the UK, I love being in the middle of all things business, tech and user experience related. At uno, I'm so excited to be launching market disrupting products and it's awesome to be involved right from the beginning!


Phillip Jiang Mortgage Coach

We have met where I have always wanted to be! My experience in end to end mortgage lending and retail banking, and my aspiration for growth and positivity will definitely lead to a wonderful experience! A brand new and exciting time!


Sunny Britto Product Manager

At uno, no two days are ever quite the same. There's a sense of hunger, excitement and desire to making the home loan experience more efficient, transparent and empowering for our customers. Personally, the sheer joy of shaping a product and see it grow is captivating.


Rimonda Ohlsson Head of People & Wellness

Building culture alongside a great bunch of creative, smart, and passionate people is what I call a dream experience! After spending over 20 years in People & Culture, my true passion is to help people be the best they can be. uno puts people at the centre of what we do; we continually learn and collaborate together, laugh a lot, and everything seems possible! uno is a special place, where people have the opportunity to create greatness together.


Rong Sun Senior Engineer

I'm really proud that we will be delivering this amazing product. I'm surprised by the team within the first couple of months, that we can put together all the resources and people to achieve goals with such solid action and quick response. I'm always excited to take challenges and with the new platform in place it's opened up all the possibilities. I can't wait to share with everyone the new product and this is just the start!


Seema Kalse Test Lead

I love delivering quality software with best user experience! At uno, I am achieveing this with a group of amazing people.


Tim Bowcock Head of Partnerships

I've worked with technology and people in the Australian lending industry for three decades now, including being the host for overseas experts and travelling myself to review world's best practice. I'm excited about uno because now is the right time for our digital mortgage platform that puts consumers in the driving seat, supported with good honest advice free of broker and lender filters.


Hannah Tattersall Content Editor

Having worked as a journalist for many years it is really refreshing to make the leap into content and find such a talented and motivated group of people. I’m thrilled to be working with uno on its next growth phase and excited to work for a company that is helping people by taking the stress out of choosing a home loan.


Jessica Uhlmann PR Manager

For as long as I can remember, I've been passionate about innovative brands that shake up the status quo in order to deliver a better customer experience. I love working for uno because it's the ultimate disruptor in the home loan space. uno's industry-leading technology gives customers the power to comprehensively review the best home loans for their individual circumstances in a matter of seconds.


Sakhi Nabi Head of Performance

Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do! The talent, innovation and drive of every individual in Uno means that we are constantly challenging ourselves to provide better, more efficient and a world class experience to our customers. With nine years of banking and finance, leadership as well as scaling businesses to success, I am super excited to be a part of the journey with Uno as we continue to be a dominating force and continue to challenge the status quo.


Matthew Sullivan Email Marketing Manager

Working for uno is like reading a really good book. The characters here are interesting and always entertaining. There are twists and turns each day to keep you engaged. And like all good books, the journey makes you feel and ask why? But what really excites me about uno is that our story has just begun. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Uno Home Loans reviews

What people are saying about us.

Excellent customer service.

Uno Home Loans provided excellent, personalised customer service. They were very timely and friendly in their communication and considered all our needs to provide the best home loan options. With time being a factor for us, Uno were great at keeping the process moving quickly. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They certainly made the process as stress free as possible.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 02, 2017

Always ready to answer a question.

Paul and his team were so helpful. I had every questioned answered and personal one on one help with everything. They truly held my hand from the beginning.

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 30, 2017

Really helpful, and great service hours.

Uno have been incredibly helpful and supportive at every step. Their service is great, and they work weekends so you don't have to wait over the weekend for them to get back to you. Their staff are friendly, professional and proactive, so it really feels like they're on your side. Highly recommend.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 14, 2017

Customer stories.

Emma's story

"You're talking service that’s above and beyond, especially from a digital platform. It was quite a complex transaction and this was the easiest financing experience we've ever had."

Ken and Shelley's story

"Phil basically took over and did all the legwork for me. There was a bit of emailing and texting, especially in the early stages when he was asking questions and would be doing this at 8.30pm or 9pm."

Andrew's story

"The 'live chat' messaging made it possible to exchange all necessary details at our convenience. It didn't matter if I was on a train, away at a workshop or cafe, or at home. The uno website made it easy for us to upload multiple documents for mortgage providers to view."