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About us

Our mission

uno is an online mortgage broker with one mission: to help you beat the home loan system.

Let’s be real here: the old way of getting a home loan sucks. It’s the biggest financial transaction of your life, but you feel like you’re constantly losing a battle against the banks and brokers. So uno is here to flip that feeling on its head by bringing you an experience that’s easier, simpler, and gets you the best financial outcome for your situation – so you feel like you’ve won.  

We’re talking about banishing clunky paperwork, bringing you expert advice around the clock, and (finally!) giving you access to the same information that banks and brokers use.

So what makes uno different?

Cutting edge tech – so you see everything

Ever been to a comparison site, punched in your details, and been presented with a few generic home loans rates that aren’t even tailored to you? It may as well be the ‘90s.

When you enter your details into uno’s platform, you enter the 21st century. Our technology, affectionately nicknamed POE, assesses your individual situation against 50,000 lender rules on interest rates, loan features and credit policies and displays a short list of mortgage options best suited to you. The result is more analysis than a human (or ‘90s tech) could ever do, matching home loans across our entire database of 20+ lenders to your specific circumstances.

We’re right by your side

We believe in empowering you with great tech which shows you all your home loan options, but won’t leave you alone in the wilderness to figure things out.  Our home loan experts (aka real humans) are here to shower you with support 60 hours a week – from 8am to 6:30pm weekdays and from 9am to 5pm on Saturday. They’re available via chat, email, phone, text, and video to advise you on how to best structure your loan, advocate for you to lenders, help you apply, and keep you updated.

No playing favourites

There’s no favourites club or VIP list for our lenders. We’ll only ever recommend a lender or product to you based on suitability for your individual circumstances.

Plus our team of home loan experts don’t receive an individual commission when you settle a loan with uno, so you know that they’re looking out for your interests, not fattening their own hip pocket. Commission from lenders is paid to uno, as a business, and is invested in the technology, platform, content as well as our people so that we can not only offer you a better deal but great advice too.

We’re shaking up home loans – and the industry is noticing

Our fresh take on home loans is helping thousands of Australians and catching quite a few eyes, including Westpac’s – which we’ve secured as an investor and majority shareholder.

Having Westpac as an investor has enabled uno to turn our dream of a next-generation home loan experience into a reality.

We’ve assembled a formidable team of home loan experts and built cutting edge tech that gives you access to the information that banks and brokers use, in the palm of your hand. Ultimately, we’re smashing down the barriers that have previously existed between the mortgage industry and customers; empowering Australians in the biggest financial decision of their lives; and as a result, changing the way they end up choosing their home loans.

Around two thirds of our loans end up going to non-major lenders – a big shift away from the Australian industry average of circa three quarters going to the big four – which proves that, when you empower consumers with great tech in the palm of their hands, they choose differently.

Our story so far

  • About us
    2001 - 2009

    Financial services technology experts

  • About us

    Our founder, Vincent Turner set off to Silicon Valley.

  • About us
    December 2015

    Returning home to Australia, we noticed that mortgages here were broken.

  • About us
    January 2016

    We secured initial funding from Westpac to start building the team.

  • About us
    March 2016

    After weeks and weeks researching, developing, designing and creating we are ready to launch.

  • About us
    April 2016

    Our team exceeded 30 uno-ers working hard everyday to deliver on our promise.

  • About us
    May 2016

    uno launched!

  • About us
    June 2016

    Our first customer settled their home loan through uno.

  • About us
    September 2016

    We announced $16.5M in funding from Westpac Banking Group.

  • About us
    January 2017

    We confirmed another round of funding from Westpac Banking Group, taking our total funding to $21.5M.

  • About us
    February 2017

    40,000 customers are using our platform to research home loans in search of a better deal

  • About us
    March 2017

    We became the first home loan company in Australia to put our money where our mouth is, offering a Better Deal Challenge

  • About us
    March 2017

    Helped our first hearing impaired customer through our uno's live chat message service

  • About us
    April 2017

    We processed more applications in this month alone than in the first four months of operation.

  • About us
    May 2017

    We moved into our shiny new office.

  • About us
    May 2017

    We turned numero uno.

  • About us
    June 2017

    We're still building, helping 200 customers with $110M of home loans each month to get a better deal

  • About us
    February 2018

    We announced another $25 million in funding from Westpac, bringing our total to more than $50 million

  • About us
    May 2018

    Bring on the savings! Between January and May uno saved refinance customers an average of $53,000 over their loan

  • About us
    August 2018

    Refinancing became easier with Australia’s first 10-minute credit proposal across a panel of lenders

  • About us
    February 2019

    We launched loanScore to let customers know quickly and easily if they're on a good home loan deal

Team uno.

Anthony JusticeCEO

The opportunity to lead the uno team is very exciting. Not only are they a fantastic group of people, they have a genuine desire to make life easier for customers and to make sure that results in a great deal every time. Buying or refinancing a home is the biggest financial decision most of us ever make, so why not make that an awesome experience?

Vincent TurnerFounder & Chief Innovation Officer

After spending a decade designing and building software for banks and brokers in Australia, then another 5 years building consumer facing technology in San Francisco, I'm stoked to be bringing all that together back in Australia to create something truly innovative for the benefit of people generally. Plus I get to work with some amazing, interesting and super switched on people every day. Excellent.

Julie ArmstrongCOO

I have worked in Financial Services industry for over 20 years have have always sought out organisations that want to challenge the status quo to deliver better customer outcomes. The uno team is 110% committed to shaking things up in the mortgage broking industry.  I am really excited to be part of this team who are driven to deliver better outcomes for customers in one of the biggest financial decisions they will make.

Jemma EnrightDirector, Customer Acquisition

I have a great passion for businesses that solve big problems for people, especially around money. Having co-founded my own fintech company in the past, the chance to work at uno was too good to pass up. Apart from working with a talented and fun bunch of people, I love playing a part in introducing Australians to a super-smart way to get a home loan. Win for me. Win for them.

Lena TsalimovaSenior Marketing Manager

I am a qualified dentist who practiced her craft in Ukraine before gracing the shores of Australia in 1995. When not smuggling gold from Russia to Poland, I like to spend my time solving marketing problems for top Australian and international brands. I have helped companies build on their brand consideration by delivering various brand, digital, social media and content initiatives and I’m excited to do the same for uno!

Ruchi LadProduct Manager

I love to identify customer needs and finding innovative ways to solve them! uno has identified the one of the biggest pains in the mortgage space. By combining great technology and design thinking, uno is on a path to change the way people get mortgages by making it fast, transparent and hassle-free.

Seema KalseTest Lead

I love delivering quality software with the best user experience! At uno I am achieving this with a group of amazing people.

Wilberto PalomarDev Ops Engineer

At uno, I can definitely feel the warmth as I’m surrounded by a very smart and supportive team that truly cares. As it is my passion to secure and automate everything in the cloud, this is the perfect environment where I can organically design and implement pragmatic solutions that’s meaningful to our customers.

Kash ChowdhuryHome Loan Broker

After working in a face to face mortgage broker role for 7 years I have to admit that uno has taken the whole process of get home loans to a new digital level. The online platform is great and the tools provided helps get a fast and tailored solution for the customer. Personally, I love to help and educate people on how to structure their home loans as per their needs and also providing them with tips on paying off their home loans faster. I believe in under promising and over delivering, hence always leaving the customer with a positive experience.

Patrick CarrollFinance Analyst

I've landed in Sydney after three months travelling through South America - a great experience after almost four years in KPMG Dublin. Drawn in by the outdoor lifestyle and opportunities Sydney has to offer, I'm excited to take the next step in my career at uno while working with the great talent across all teams as we help customers win at home loans.

Karl WardUX Designer

I'm a User Experience Designer who focuses on understanding users needs through research. I’m passionate about providing intuitive designs which are meaningful to people in their personal or professional lives. It is such a pleasure being part of the uno family and working alongside amazing passionate people.

Chris McNaughtonTeam Leader

Having worked with Mortgages for more than 12 years, I can see what a difference uno makes to customers. We have such a talented and passionate group of people who work as a team and put the customer at the very centre of all we do. Leading the Adviser Team, seeing the experience continue to be exceptional and knowing that our clients are in the very best of hands is what gets me up every morning. It is great to be part of an organisation that makes life simple and dreams come true.  

Lorita ChidiacHome Loan Consultant

After working for one of the big 4 banks for a few years, I am so happy to be part of the uno brand. I have always loved helping people, but uno takes it a step further by having the right technology to do just that. I can't wait to see what wonderful things uno has in store for the future.

Casey BennisonOffice Manager

uno is actually the coolest place I’ve ever been employed. I love the culture, technology and people. Everyone is so positive and works so well together, plus the tech here is so ‘2018’ which is very exciting to experience.

Janu DhayanathanProduct Analyst

I've always enjoyed using my creative and analytical skills to ‘nut things out’ and find solutions to problems. When the opportunity presented itself to do this every day, I had to say yes! It is really great being a part of a team of talented people that are building something that is making a positive impact on people’s lives and making their lives easier. I am really excited to see what the future holds.

Neil AndersonFront-end Developer

Coming from a background in fintech, it’s been great to join an exciting, new player in the industry. uno is a developer’s dream. I’m supported by a great team that allows me to push design capabilities and produce state-of-the-art software for our customers.

Corinne ChinProduct Manager

Finding ways to solve customer pain points with technology is what I love about my job. That’s why I’m excited to be working at uno as we are continuously working hard to make the home loan process easy and seamless for customers. It just feels great to work with people who are genuinely passionate about helping customers achieve their goals.

Tony KarevskiHome Loan Broker

Working in the finance industry is a strong passion of mine and is what I know best. I enjoy engaging with people and creating and maintaining long-standing relationships. Assisting a family with their finances, creating wealth and getting them into a new home gives me great satisfaction. At uno, I have the opportunity to do this everyday with the best tools and technology at my disposal.

Pragati SardesaiHome Loan Consultant

Working at uno brings out my passion for helping customers. Assisting them step by step brings out an accomplished feeling for me. uno is a friendly environment and I find it satisfying that as a company we’re all working towards making our customers dreams become a reality for them.

Colleen OgilvieHome Loan Support

I’ve been helping people for 15 years and enjoy getting them the best outcomes possible. uno is a great place to work because our team is hands-on. We give our customers great experiences and achieve their dreams of home ownership.

Attila RoyaardsPerformance Marketing Manager

It’s exciting to work with a great team and provide groundbreaking technology to customers and help them find what they’re looking for.

Akinola AkinsanmiHome Loan Broker

After spending just a few months at uno, it’s nothing like where I have ever been. It has an amazing culture of transparency and friendliness and working alongside some of the smartest people across various fields definitely makes uno a great workplace.

Carol FarahHome Loan Support

Being new at uno but not in this type of role, I have picked up the vibe in our office: Working with passionate people: The people I work with are passionate about what they do and always trying to improve. they take so much care when helping their clients. The change and variety: there is hardly ever a dull moment. With plenty of diverse challenges and opportunities, working at uno provides opportunity for career growth and practicing leadership and entrepreneurship.

Shahin IslamEngineer

I love reading and writing awesome code and have been doing it since I was 15 years old. I love working at uno because of the great people I get to work with, all while making people’s dream of owning a home come true.

Germain MolinaHome Loan Broker

I have been in lending and technology for nearly three decades now and worked for some amazing companies. But uno is something unique and special when it comes to customer service. The team is innovative in providing the latest technology to make the customer experience smooth and, of course, I get to work with amazing individuals who have one thing in common - to make uno Home Loans … numero uno! The name certainly fits our culture.

Carlos ClaroInteraction Designer

I love to learn and participate in different areas. I love new challenges and the modern digital world. Working at uno means being part of creating something that makes a difference. The energy and culture of the company creates a great working atmosphere.

Scott ChristopherHead of Engineering

uno is in a great position to genuinely improve the lives of Australians going through the home loan process. Being surrounded by passionate and talented individuals, I am excited every day to discover new and innovative ways for how to lift our service to new heights.

Tiffany ForemanHome Loan Support

I enjoy coming into work everyday knowing that I will be working in a great atmosphere alongside great people who are all here for a similar reason – to help customers achieve their dreams.

Kym MooreHome Loan Broker

uno is a special place to work: great culture and people – all with the same mindset of doing the very best for our customers, every time.

Jude RajkumarHead of Product

Bring a total geek, I love numbers and technology. Having had 20 years in delivering online products, I also admire truly awesome experiences which bring glimpses of joy into the digital day-2-day. At uno, I'm already working with great technology, so my role is to understand it and, along with the supersmart people who work here, make it more impactful to our customers' lives. What a privilege!

Maria AlmazanHome Loan Consultant

Coming from a corporate environment, it's refreshing to be part of a team of people who support each other in the quest for a better customer outcome.

Justin BohlmannSenior Marketing Manager

I was first handed the book, 'Building Wealth Through Investment Property' by Jan Somers, while living out of a swag in East Timor back in 1999. From then on I was hooked. As luck would have it, I now get to combine my passion for property with my passion for solving problems and helping people get from where they are now to where they want to be – and I'm loving it!  

Andy CoffeyUI Lead

I'm a User Interface Designer with more than 20 years experience. For a long while I worked on lots of big things with the likes of Fairfax, Telstra and the AFL, but for the last 6 years I've been helping get new businesses and products (‘startups' if you must) off the ground. uno is a wonderful opportunity to not only build something new and beautiful with a great team, but also a chance to create something meaningful that can truly have an impact.  

Alexiy CharamkoData Analyst

Coming from a background that includes software, engineering, mathematics, bioinformatics and genetics, to say I'm passionate about data would be quite the understatement. And now I get to find useful, novel markers in uno's data as it grows and transforms the home loans category.  

Nathan ProsserCompliance Officer

uno is changing up how we approach mortgages and this means viewing things from a different perspective. Working in an environment with passionate and talented people who are helping progress our industry and push boundaries, is a unique and exciting challenge.  

Jason JehanHome Loan Consultant

What appeals to me about uno is that it provides an innovative service that’s really making life easier for our customers. The technology empowers me to do what I enjoy: find solutions to the most complex situations.

Bronson ChanProduct and Policy Analyst

I've always found finance, technology and numbers to be absolutely fascinating, and back in 2010 I was fortunate enough to pursue and experience all of the above. At the beginning of 2016, I was asked to be part of something big, something different, and most of all, something that will make a positive impact on someone's life. Joining uno has been life-changing and it is great to be part of a team that shares the same vision.

Tim BowcockHead of Partnerships

I've worked with technology and people in the Australian lending industry for three decades now, including being the host for overseas experts and travelling myself to review world's best practice. I'm excited about uno because now is the right time for our digital mortgage platform that puts consumers in the driving seat, supported with good, honest advice free of broker and lender filters.    

Matthew NugentSearch Analyst

I am super excited to be a part of the uno family. I work with some amazingly talented people to deliver our mission of improving the world one household at a time. I have the opportunity to combine my passion for technology and data, with delivering digital consumer experiences that enable uno to help people get the best financial outcome.  

Carlo MonzoTeam Leader, Mortgages

I love helping people! It is great to be part of such a progressive company that believes in delivering a high-quality experience and excellent customer service. Our technology is state of the art and the first of its kind in Australia. It's lots of fun getting to use this technology each day and innovating the banking industry.

Stephen LiangHome Loan Broker

Since working in my parents' shop at the age of eight, I have loved working in roles where I can put a smile on the customer's face. Nowadays, I am excited to be part of the uno family as it looks to transform the home loans industry.


Hannah TattersallContent Editor

Having worked as a journalist for many years, it's really refreshing to make the leap into content and find such a talented and motivated group of people. I’m thrilled to be working with uno on its next growth phase and excited to work for a company that is helping people by taking the stress out of choosing a home loan.

Annette WilsonHome Loan Support

uno, for me, is a fantastic team of like-minded people, who are totally focused on providing customers with the best possible outcome and service by giving them the tools to really help themselves. I get to combine my experience in conveyancing, real estate and mortgage broking over the past 25 years, to help others. It feels great!

Crystal BowmanHome Loan Support

The culture at uno is something I have never experienced before. Everyone is so different, yet so nice and open-minded. Together, we make an awesome team and a great working environment. I can't wait to help make more people aware of what uno is all about!  

Paul SealeyHome Loan Broker

I've worked in the financial services industry for more than 14 years now and can honestly say I've never worked for a company like uno. It's full of so many positive people and the culture is simply amazing. It's an exciting time to have joined, and all I can say is I can't wait to see where this journey takes us.  

Geeta WarghadeHome Loan Support

It is a great experience to work at uno. Everyone has their dream job! Since I first found out about uno, I knew this was the team I wanted to work with.  

John GoTest Analyst

I've worked within the banking and technology industries for the past 10 years. uno is an exciting company to be involved with as it's shaping the industry. And, I get to contribute and work with a fun and talented bunch of folks.  

Milton LaiSenior Engineer

uno has provided me with a fast-paced, full-stack development environment most developers dream about. Supported by a fantastic team, it has pushed our designs, decisions and ourselves to produce quality, client facing software. I've come from a cross-platform, full-stack engineering background with a touch of customer service.

Uno Home Loans reviews

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Highly recommend uno. Fast, friendly and efficient service!

"Looking at refinancing our Home Loan, uno was amazing through the whole process. Tony was great in providing a range of lenders with great rates and options to suit our needs and Geeta was wonderful keeping us up to date through the whole process via email and sms. It could not have been easier. I highly recommend Uno to anyone looking for a great Home Loan deal 5/5!" - KristeeB

Nov 12, 2018

Best rate, fantastic service

"Beat my old rate by a whole 1% Tiffany was fantastic to deal with, was quick to answer all of our questions and followed up regularly to let me know how things were progressing. Plus $1500 as a bonus at the end, how good is that." - Jason

Nov 08, 2018

Refinancing using uno

"Great service during the whole process, made things very easy. Big shout out to Amy, kept us in the loop all the way." - SteveG

Nov 06, 2018

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