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Every homeowner should know how their home loan stacks up.(Just like Suzie).

Get your loanScore, like Suzie did, to see if your home loan is any good... or not.

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What is loanScore?

Think of loanScore as a free check-up for your home loan. It helps you understand how close your loan is to the best available deal. The higher the score, the closer you are to having the best deal for you.

But, if your loanScore is low, it means there are better options for you, and it’s time to take a closer look. We can help you with that.

You can even use loanScore to check offers from other lenders or brokers.

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How does it work?

It's simple really. The super smart tech powering loanScore compares your home loan with thousands of other options from 24 of Australia's top lenders.

We look at the cost of your loan compared to other deals that fit your preferences and, based on that analysis, we create your personalised loanScore ranging from 0 (bad) to 100 (amazing!).

Good, right?

If you like (or don’t like) what you see, you can take the next step and check if you’re eligible for a better deal.*

*Results are based on what you enter and should be used as a guide only. Lender rates and products may change and these changes may affect your loanScore. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different loanScore.

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Quickly see how your home loan compares with the best deals available to you right now.

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Speak to our friendly mortgage brokers who'll walk you through your options and tailor a home loan solution to match the life you want.

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We monitor interest rates, new loans and property values to keep your loanScore up to date. So, if it drops for any reason, you can do something about it straight away.

Top tips

Find out how you can save money without having to change lenders - we may even be able to do it for you.

"It was almost impossible to compare all of my options. I just didn’t know if my home loan was any good or not until I discovered my loanScore."

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Frequently asked questions

Have I got a good deal on my home loan?

Changes to the market and your personal circumstances will affect your home loan, so what used to be a good deal may not be anymore. Luckily, loanScore only takes 2 minutes, so you can find out.

How will I know if my home loan goes from good to bad?

Get your loanScore and start monitoring. If there are changes to rates, property values, loan products or even your personal situation (like a pay rise), your loanScore will change and you'll be in the know without the hassle.

What do I do if I have a bad loanScore?

You may be able to make changes to your current mortgage that will save you money. Or you could refinance your home loan to get a better interest rate and pay off your loan faster.

What do I do if I have a good loanScore?

Keep an eye on it and get regular updates. Nothing lasts forever...

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