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4 December 2019 | Vincent Turner

7 Ways Developers Can Contribute to Climate Action

Being an engineer means you have one of the most sought-after, transferable occupations on the planet. In virtually any city in the world, you’ll be in demand and probably well-paid, so you have plenty of options. Choosing to work in a place that’s at the intersection of your cares and your code is one of the easiest ways you can have an impact. Read | Watch | Listen

3 December 2019 | Property Editor teams up with uno Home Loans to display loan competitiveness

uno Home Loans teams up with real estate platform, to offer users the ability to instantly check the competitiveness of their home loan rate. After launching in 2017, has now partnered with Westpac-backed uno Home Loans. Users can now use the social property app to browse listings and instantly calculate a loanScore and mortgage repayments throughout its platform. Read | Watch | Listen

2 December 2019

Refinancing: How to get approval in a tougher credit environment

Over the past 12 months, the finance industry has been through significant upheaval. The banking royal commission, stricter responsible lending guidelines from ASIC and the introduction of Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) have coalesced to create a much tougher credit environment. Anthony Justice, CEO of uno Home Loans explains more. Read | Watch | Listen

29 November 2019 | Hannah Dowling

uno partners with real estate platform

The online brokerage has partnered with real estate platform Soho, allowing users of the site to instantly check the competitiveness of their home loan rate. Westpac-backed uno Home Loans has announced its partnership with real estate platform Soho, which connects users to available properties for purchase and rent. In an effort to “speed up their property search”, the new partnership will see users of Soho given integrated access to uno’s loanScore and mortgage calculator capabilities directly from the real estate platform, according to uno. Read | Watch | Listen

29 November 2019

uno partners with real estate platform

The online brokerage has partnered with real estate platform Soho, allowing users of the site to instantly check the competitiveness of their home loan rate. Westpac-backed uno Home Loans has announced its partnership with real estate platform Soho, which connects users to available properties for purchase and rent. Read | Watch | Listen

26 November 2019

Home Loan Calculator move over; uno loanScore is here!

If you’re anything like most Australians (and certainly me) once you get your home loan set up, you kind of fall in a heap and hope for the best. You’ve used your home loan calculator and you’re hoping you got the best rate and then you hope it stays that way. Meanwhile, your loan could be falling behind and you end up not saving and paying more than you should! Read | Watch | Listen

24 November 2019

Levelling the home loan playing field: uno Home Loans

Ask a homeowner how long it took them to fill out their home loan or refinancing applications and, chances are, you’ll get an exasperated “12 hours” as a response – even when the reality is more like two hours. The way Australian consumers interact with the property market is shifting, with savvy consumers looking for new ways to get on and climb up the property ladder. But one thing that never seems to change is the ‘grudge’ element of the application process, or the anxiety that a home loan can bestow on a household. Read | Watch | Listen

22 November 2019

How homegrown fintechs are banking on data

The revolution in data continues to transform society and the economy, with technology filling a growing and generationally-led demand for personalised, real time and meaningful financial services information. Cost-of-living pressures coupled with a growing range of investment options, payment systems and accounts have meant many consumers are looking with renewed vigour for ways to simplify arrangements and seek value wherever they can. Read | Watch | Listen

21 November 2019 | Alexandra Cain

Is the local fintech sector failing or thriving?

New fintechs are struggling to compete against cashed up incumbents in a crowded market, according to a new survey. The EY FinTech Australia Census 2019 says fintechs established within the last three years have had greater difficulty raising capital than their more mature peers. Low consumer understanding about fintechs, investor conservatism and diminishing access to capital are the reasons why funds are drying up. Read | Watch | Listen

6 November 2019

Avoiding financial waste with smarter home loan choices

Australians are costing themselves as much as $4.2 billion a year by not shopping around for a better deal on their mortgages, according to a study on household financial wastage. Uno Home Loans chief executive Anthony Justice says many people are so relieved to have secured finance and moved into their home they forget about their home loan and miss out on potentially better deals available through refinancing over time. Read | Watch | Listen

30 October 2019

Why refinancing your home loan will save you money

Anthony Justice, chief executive of uno Home Loans, says the perceived hassle of refinancing and switching lenders is potentially costing Australian families like the Greens thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their home loan. "Typically, over time, people's loans will cease to be the best rate in the market for them. This is because lenders will bring out new products that they won't necessarily tell everyone about,” he says. “Or, like the Greens, people might increase equity in their home and be eligible for better interest rates, which again, their lenders may not tell them about." Read | Watch | Listen

16 October 2019 | Malavika Santhebennur

ME joins uno’s lender panel

ME has announced it has joined the lender panel of online mortgage broker uno Home Loans. According to ME, the partnership with uno Home Loans represents the first online mortgage broker affiliation for the bank. ME’s chief executive Jamie McPhee said the partnership with uno forms part of the bank’s efforts to broaden its reach of home loans to new customers. Read | Watch | Listen

27 September 2019 | Sophie Elsworth

More lenders tipped to drop home loan interest rates into the "2" per cent range

MANY owner-occupier borrowers making principal and interest repayments should be paying a rate below the 3 per cent mark if the central bank cuts the official interest rate next week. Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe is strongly tipped to slash the cash rate when the RBA board meets on Tuesday, which would put pressure on the banks to lower their mortgage interest rates. Read | Watch | Listen

27 September 2019 | Chris Kay 72andSunny Podcast

72Voices The Podcast Series

72Voices: The Podcast Series champions a new generation of Australian creative entrepreneurs. Through conversation, we unearth smarts and insights that we hope become the catalyst for future growth of innovation in Australia. This episode features Vincent Turner, founder of uno Home Loans Read | Watch | Listen

10 September 2019 | Amy Marnie

Australia’s shocking $4.2 billion home loan waste and how to avoid it

Australians are famous bargain hunters and love finding a good deal. But, staggeringly, there’s one area where we’re falling short by an estimated $4.2 billion. This staggering figure, estimated using uno's loanScore insights, and in collaboration with global consulting firm A.T. Kearney, equates to roughly half the amount Australians are wasting on unused food ($9 billion in the past 12 months) and more than double what they throw away annually on unused gym memberships ($1.8 billion). Read | Watch | Listen

9 September 2019 | Anthony Keane

Slash your mortgage faster with these six simple strategies

Falling interest rates are turning many Australians’ minds to their mortgages, and are creating a big opportunity for people to pay off their home loans much faster. The Reserve Bank last week left its official interest rate on hold at a record low 1 per cent, but two rate cuts since June — and expectations by economists of more to come — have made now an ideal time to attack your mortgage. Read | Watch | Listen

9 September 2019 | Paul Clitheroe

Are you a deal hunter?

WE ALL like to think we're deal hunters. The trouble is, we often sweat the small stuff without seeing the bigger picture. And it's burning a multi-billion dollar hole in our wallets each year. Research by Heritage Bank found that three-quarters of Australians say they know how to chase a good deal. But we have a habit of obsessing over short term savings on minor purchases - like food and clothing. By overlooking opportunities for a better deal on our major financial products, we're collectively letting $7.4 billion slip through our fingers annually. Read | Watch | Listen

2 August 2019 | Anastasia Santoreneos

The $1,300-a-year mistake Aussie homeowners are making

If you think household waste can be put down to just excess plastic or mouldy vegetables, you’re mistaken. Household waste can even mean financial waste - on the wrong home loan. Aussies are wasting billions on sub-optimal home loans, new research shows, and it’s hitting those of us in New South Wales and Victoria the hardest. In fact, NSW homeowners are wasting over $1.3 billion on unnecessary interest, while Victorians are wasting $1.01 billion, and Queenslanders come in third at $730 million annually. Read | Watch | Listen

2 August 2019 | Jackson Barron

Revealed: The simple mistake that’s costing home owners $900 a year – and how you can rectify it

Home owners are making a simple mistake every year and it’s costing them $900, a report has claimed. The Uno Home Loans Household Financial Waste Report was published this week, highlighting the huge amount home owners are throwing away on unnecessary home loan payments. The report estimates that Australian householders are wasting over $4.2 billion annually, and this could be avoided by simply being proactive and hunting out a more competitive rate from your bank. Read | Watch | Listen

2 August 2019 | Aidan Devine

Homeowners are wasting billions on home loans they could have got for cheaper

Aussie property owners are wasting about $900 a year on unnecessary home loan payments by failing to seek out a better rate. The financial waste totalled an estimated $4.2 billion annually, with NSW homeowners accounting for just over a quarter of the unnecessary spending, according to a report from Uno Home Loans. The report revealed home loans were one of the key drivers of financial waste for Aussie households, dwarfing the costs of unused gym memberships and standby energy costs — the electricity drained by appliances not in use. Read | Watch | Listen

1 August 2019 | Gerv Tacadena

Why home loans are becoming a "financial waste" for Aussies

Homeowners are wasting thousands of dollars by not hunting for better mortgage deals, a study by Uno Home Loans found. Australians typically take a "set and forget" approach to their mortgages — despite the changes in the market, they tend to stick with their existing deals, which usually become less competitive over time, Uno chief executive Anthony Justice said. Read | Watch | Listen

31 July 2019 | Rebecca Pike

The incredible amount homeowners are wasting on “sub-par home loans”

Most consumers understand they are probably wasting money on food waste. They buy too much and it goes out of date; the kids aren’t finishing their dinners and it gets scraped into the bin; or, the leftovers they told themselves they were going to eat the next day sits in the fridge for days until that too ends up in the bin. Read | Watch | Listen

29 July 2019 | Killian Plastow

Australians losing almost $4 billion to bad ‘set and forget’ home loans

Australian home owners are losing out on thousands of dollars worth of savings by taking a ‘set and forget’ approach to their mortgages, new research has found. A report from home loan management firm uno Home Loans showed Australians rarely hunt for better deals on their mortgages despite changes in the economy making their existing product less competitive. Speaking to The New Daily, uno chief executive Anthony Justice said the amount wasted on people’s existing loans each year – $3.975 billion – was so great, that home loans are now Australia’s second largest source of financial waste, behind unused food products. Read | Watch | Listen

27 July 2019 | Duncan Hughes

Mortgage prisoners caught in a $4 billion trap

More than 300,000 buyers are trapped in expensive, higher-rate mortgages and could be overpaying by $4 billion on their home loans, analysis shows. A typical owner-occupier borrower with a $1 million loan taken out in 2016 could be paying 3.56 per cent, or more than 60 basis points, above current rates. A three-year fixed rate for the same amount taken out around the same time is about 30 basis points higher. Read | Watch | Listen

25 July 2019 | Valentina Todoroska

'Financial Waste' Is Costing Aussies: How Many Of These Money Mistakes Are You Making?

There’s no denying it: life is expensive. From paying the rent or mortgage, to the rising cost of electricity, phone bills, internet and medical bills – the expenses just keep coming. Then just when you think you’re on top of things, an unexpected bill arrives and you’re on the back foot yet again. There are ways to stop this from happening -- but most of us are so busy 'doing life' that we end up making mistakes with our money. Read | Watch | Listen

25 July 2019 | Danielle Sen

The home hack you need to save up to $1300 on your mortgage

Did you know that Aussies are wasting around $4.2 billion each year on unnecessary home loan interest? A brand-new service seeks to reduce the cost of your repayments. With 53 per cent of homeowners unsure of their current interest rate, and almost 60 per cent never asking for a better deal, uno Home Loans is on a mission to cut down on financial wastage in the home loans sector. Read | Watch | Listen

24 July 2019 | Grace Ormsby

Aussies wasting $4bn per year on bad mortgages

Australian home owners are wasting more than $4 billion every year on inefficient or unhelpful mortgage repayments, according to a report. According to research by uno, a home loan broker and management service, home loans are one of the key drivers of financial waste for Australians, with an estimated $4.2 billion lost annually to unnecessary mortgage interest costs. The uno household financial waste report dug deeper into a 2018 ACCC finding that “existing borrowers who do not actively shop around for a better deal on a regular basis are the main losers from opaque discretionary pricing”. Read | Watch | Listen

23 July 2019 | Charbel Kadib

Borrowers paying $4.2bn in mortgage interest ‘waste’

Mortgage-holders are wasting approximately $4.2 billion annually in “unnecessary” interest costs, according to new research. According to online brokerage uno Home Loans’ Household Financial Waste Report, developed with data and insights from A.T. Kearney and CoreData as well as findings from uno’s loanScore data, Australians are wasting billions each year on “avoidable” costs, including $4.2 billion in avoidable interest on mortgage repayments, more than $1 billion on standby energy costs, $550 million in bank exception fees and $9 billion on food waste. Read | Watch | Listen

23 April 2019 | Your Money Video

uno on Your Money March 2019

Your Money's 'Winners' program showcases how uno is using technology to save Australians thousands on their home loans. Read | Watch | Listen

4 March 2019 | Duncan Currie Podcast

FinTech Growth

In this episode of Fintech Growth, Duncan features Vincent Turner, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of online mortgage broker uno home loans. Vincent shares about learning the ropes in San Francisco, starting a FinTech company and one of the first FinTech meetups, and eventually moving back home. He also discusses how they use design sprints during their product planning phase and the importance of embedding an innovation culture in the business. Read | Watch | Listen

11 February 2019 | Annie Kane

Online brokerage launches mortgage monitoring tool

Online mortgage broker uno Home Loans has launched a digital monitoring tool, allowing customers to compare their home loans with competitive deals on the market. The new digital monitoring tool, loanScore, enables customers to compare their loan against other deals offered by uno’s panel of 24 lenders, including the four big banks. According to a study conducted by CoreData in July 2018, 53 per cent of Australians do not know what their home loan rate is, 26 per cent are not confident they have the best deal, and 31 per cent have never compared their loan in the mortgage market.  Read | Watch | Listen

17 December 2018 | Sophie Elsworth

Lying about your finances with your partner can cost couples $53,000

DISHONEST lovers are keeping their finances secret and it could be hitting their hip pockets. Failing to reveal your true financial status to your other half is a common occurrence, new analysis by Uno Home Loans found. Research involving 1000 people found 27 per cent of loved-up Aussies put off refinancing their home loan because it forced them to expose dirty money secrets they were trying to keep on the down low. And men are more inclined to be secretive (29 per cent) then their female counterparts (25 per cent). Read | Watch | Listen

26 September 2018 | Kate Farrelly

‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’: How to demand a better deal on your home loan

It’s the 10-minute phone call that can save you thousands of dollars, yet two-thirds of home owners don’t make it. A call to your bank to request a better interest rate on your home loan may feel uncomfortable at the time, but there’s a good chance you’ll be successful. That’s according to a new study released by online mortgage broker uno Home Loans, which found those who request a better interest rate on their home loan have an impressive 84 per cent success rate. Read | Watch | Listen

25 October 2018 | Tas Bindi

Digital brokerage names new CEO

An online mortgage broking firm has appointed Anthony Justice as its new chief executive. Anthony Justice, a financial services industry veteran, has been named as the new CEO of uno Home Loans, replacing Vincent Turner, who recently transitioned to the role of chief innovation officer.  The incoming CEO spent a decade in a number of senior management roles within financial services and energy firms, including as CEO of Insurance Australian Group’s Australian Consumer Division as well as its chief customer officer. Read | Watch | Listen

9 September 2018 | John Collett

How to play Melbourne's falling house price market

House prices are falling and mortgage interest rates are rising and anyone doing anything with property – buying, selling, upgrading or downsizing – is likely scratching their heads about what it means for them. Sydney dwelling prices have fallen 5.6 per cent from their August 2017 high, while Melbourne prices are down 3.5 per cent from their November high. Read | Watch | Listen


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