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uno Lending Volumes

We’re keen to be transparent about exactly which lenders end up providing the loans our customers take out.

29 lenders and counting

At uno, we are really proud of the technology we have built, which not only gives us access to home loans from 29 lenders, but empowers customers to access the deals they can get from these lenders, based on their circumstances. Given this analysis is done by machine, it reduces the risk of any bias towards particular lenders. We also have a team of highly qualified brokers who work with our customers to finalise their applications to lenders.

Transparency is key

We’re keen to be transparent about exactly which lenders end up providing the loans our customers take out. Interestingly, in the home loans taken out by uno customers, it’s smaller lenders that tend to feature more heavily. This is often because these lenders provide competitive deals and our technology enables visibility of their products.

We don’t favour lenders

One question we are often asked is, ‘Given Westpac is a shareholder, does uno favour Westpac home loans?’ As you can see from the chart below, the answer to that is, ‘No, we don’t. In fact, Westpac loans comprise a small proportion of the total number of home loans uno customers take out and are less than the share of home loans that Westpac has in the market overall’. (WBC has a 23.43% share of the Australian housing market according to the May 2019 APRA Monthly Banking Statistics report). We update this chart regularly to show home loans taken out by uno customers over the past 12 months.

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Anthony Justice

Anthony Justice is the CEO of uno Home Loans and is passionate about empowering Australians to master their mortgages.


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