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Finding the right home loan for you is simple with uno. Here are the steps in our application process:

1. Use uno’s tools and search functions to create a list of home loans that are likely to best meet your requirements.

2. Save the home loans you like the most to a shortlist. This allows you to come back to them later or share them with a partner.

3. Ask for an expert review, in which an uno home loan expert will look at your shortlist and financial situation to recommend products that would suit your situation.

4. Apply for the home loan that best suits your purposes directly through uno. You can do this on any digital device.

We will keep in contact with you through the application process, giving you status updates and offering any support you might need through conditional approval, formal approval, settlement and beyond.

If you’re already sure which home loan you want to apply for, you can start your application by clicking “Apply” from your shortlist.


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uno Offers Customers Bank-Level Security Backed by a $1 million Insurance Policy

Your information is protected by bank-level security covered by an industry-first insurance policy.

Key Fact Sheet (KFS)

A document authored and published by a lender in a set format to inform borrowers about a the features of a loan. The product KFS is usually available via the lender website.


The guarantor is legally responsible for paying back the entire loan if the borrower cannot or will not make the repayments. The guarantor will also have to pay any fees, charges and interest.


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