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Can uno provide home loans for unique financial circumstances?

Yes, uno is accredited with a number of lenders, which means we can offer advice on a range of home loan and credit products.

This includes no deposit home loans, guarantor loans, low documentation loans, non-genuine savings loans, fixed interest rates with offset account loans, small apartment home loans, vacant land and rural property home loans, overnight approval home loans, and fast refinance home loans.

We also work with specialist lenders that offer a range of specific policies for those with a poor credit history. If you would like us to assist, we can run a credit report on your behalf and advise you on any potential issues.

If you like, uno’s specialist team can also help you in other ways:

  • Plan for your deposit saving
  • Draw up a comfortable household budget
  • Calculate the potential impact of interest rate changes on your household budget
  • Manage the monthly difference between interest expenses and rental income from investment properties (also referred to as “gearing”)

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uno Offers Customers Bank-Level Security Backed by a $1 million Insurance Policy

Your information is protected by bank-level security covered by an industry-first insurance policy.

Key Fact Sheet (KFS)

A document authored and published by a lender in a set format to inform borrowers about a the features of a loan. The product KFS is usually available via the lender website.


The guarantor is legally responsible for paying back the entire loan if the borrower cannot or will not make the repayments. The guarantor will also have to pay any fees, charges and interest.


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