Five quick and low-cost ways to make your home more attractive to buyers

With restrictions easing, we are slowly seeing the return of potential buyers attending live auctions and viewings which means there is more competition when it comes to selling your home. test
Meredith Williams

With restrictions easing, we are slowly seeing the return of potential buyers attending live auctions and viewings which means there is more competition when it comes to selling your home. this changes while you typing.

Standing out is more important than ever and there are a few things that can make a big difference to your sale price.

Here are five tips from some of the top experts for making your home more appealing to buyers that won’t cost you too much money or take too much time.

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Street Appeal

“First impressions really count!” says Liz Montgomery of Bon Habitat Interior & Property Styling.

The front yard and entrance are crucial in engaging a potential buyer.

“Give your garden a little makeover, tuck the bins away, clean the outside of the house and remove any old pots or plants,” she says.

Another good tip is to leave the front and hall lights on to give the property a warm welcoming glow when buyers drive past after hours. test


It’s very difficult for potential buyers to imagine living in your property if it’s cluttered, and too much furniture will make a room feel small, Montgomery says.

“When selling, your property should feel bright, open and spacious, keeping in mind the buyers’ walkthrough journey,” she says. “Excess furniture, quirky and personal items need to be removed and stored.”

In fact, selling your home is also a great opportunity to have a declutter and to get a head start on your next move by letting go of unloved and unwanted items. You could also make a little cash on the side.

Create a sense of flow

Replace the flat pillows, the worn-out cushions and tatty towels with plump new pillows and cushions and fluffy new towels, says Sophie Kost, director and lead designer of My Beautiful Abode.

And don’t forget to replace those dried up cakes of soap in the bathroom with new ones.

“It looks clean and cared for and like the person selling the house is house proud,” she says.

Replacing these items is a chance to colour-coordinate and to create a sense of flow through the house. Help potential buyers feel they are travelling through the house rather than going from a red room to a green room to blue room to a polka dot room or whatever”, says Kost.


Take down the wedding photos and the baby photos and any other items that are personal to you.

“You want to take away that feeling that you’re in somebody else’s home and instead create that feeling that you’re in your potential new home,” says Kost.

“It just helps a buyer to imagine that they could live in that space.”

Little details like plants and fresh flowers can also help create a more inviting atmosphere.

Big pictures

Kost recommends buying or renting art for the house, particularly larger scale pieces. “They can really unify a space and give a room a real big impact and transform a space,” she says.

Choose art that fits with the colour pallet of the house to help reinforce that sense of flow.

And it doesn’t have to cost a lot, says Kost. “People assume that big art is expensive so if you can rent it or buy it inexpensively then far out – what a big impact!” she says.

Follow these tips to help maximise your property price.

Good luck with the sale!

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