The best way to invest in property for retirement

Robyn Cott had long-held plans to retire to the country. The 54-year-old accountant from Richmond, in Sydney’s northwest, craved a quieter life on the other side of the Blue Mountains….

What is Negative Gearing?

A property is “negatively geared” when it is generating a loss from costs related to the investment. While it’s been a popular strategy for property investors for years, it may not always be the smartest way to structure your investment.

Explaining Capital Gains Tax

If you sell an investment property, you’ll need to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the profit you’ve made through the sale.

How to Estimate the Value of a Property

It’s good to know how to estimate the value of the property you want to buy. Learn how to compare prices and properties. Find out what common mistakes you should avoid in the process.

Guarantor Home Loans

You don’t need to struggle along on your own to save a deposit for a home loan. A guarantor can grease the wheels. You could even get a 105% home loan in the right circumstances.

Do Interest Only Home Loans Still Make Sense?

Six months ago interest only loans made a lot of sense for property investors. Today, the story is very different.

What the 2017 Federal Budget means for home loan borrowers

Borrowers looking to buy property in Australia’s hottest real estate markets are not likely to see any immediate improvement in home affordability based on an analysis of this week’s Federal…

How uno’s live chat message service helps the deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing

Andrew Niklaus, who has been deaf since birth, used uno’s online chat function to find his ideal home loan. This is his story. Working in the disabilities support and childcare industries,…

Is now the right time to lock in a fixed interest rate?

The RBA’s recent commentary is a sobering bulletin for all property investors As an investor or homeowner, you’re probably mindful of the precarious situation the Australian economy is in right…

How uno helped a first home buyer find the ideal loan

Suddenly, the clock was ticking for David*. The 34-year-old IT worker had been living with his parents on the NSW Central Coast to save money for a home deposit. He…

Is it Risky to Get Your Mortgage Through a Small Lender?

When searching for a mortgage, it’s important to look at the home loans available to you. This can mean exploring second and third tier lenders so that you have a full…

Planning on renovating? Read this first

It’s wise to spend money improving a property’s value but not if you spend so much renovating that you start to overcapitalise. Peter Gearin It’s a riddle for homeowners and…