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Helping those less fortunate than us

As we are an active home loan manager that helps people achieve their dream of buying a home, it makes sense that we also help people experiencing homelessness.

At uno, we help Australians find the best home loan deal for their circumstances. For our customers, buying a home is probably the biggest purchase they’ll make in their lifetime and we don’t take the enormity of this fact lightly. 

We also realise that while the profile of our customers – and how much they need to borrow for a loan – varies greatly, one thing unites them all. They have financial security and the good fortune to own or be able to buy a home. 

There are segments of the community, however, that are not so fortunate. Many people do not have access to safe or suitable accommodation or live in dwellings that are inadequate. 

As uno is an active home loan manager that helps Australians achieve their dream of buying a home, it makes sense that we reach out and support those in our community who are experiencing homelessness.

What is homelessness?

Homelessness doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone – our neighbours, our friends, our family. Sometimes homelessness is a result of something as simple as losing your job, your car breaking down or an event or incident that stops you from being able to pay rent or accommodation expenses.

The facts are dismal. More than 100,000 Australians will experience homelessness tonight. A staggering 42% of them are under the age of 24.

The Salvation Army’s Sydney Streetlevel Mission Services 

uno is proud to have launched a partnership with The Salvation Army’s Sydney Streetlevel Mission (SSLM) in Surry Hills. This is our community: uno’s offices are based here. 

People who are homeless often need some help getting back on their feet. SSLM is a place where people experiencing homelessness are invited to come and connect with others in the community. They can come in for coffee, have a shower, do some laundry and even stay for lunch. 

How uno plans to help

uno will help SSLM by volunteering in the kitchen and Salvos Store (where much of SSLM’s funding comes from), preparing lunch and making coffee. We also plan to donate toys and food for the Christmas appeal and provide staff to help prepare lunch for the Annual Christmas Lunch. 

We plan to raise funds to contribute to new computers, outdoor gym equipment, awning/shade cloth and swags and hold group sessions on how to use computers. 

At uno, we look forward to supporting this inspirational organisation in the coming months.

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Anthony Justice

Anthony Justice is the CEO of uno Home Loans and is passionate about empowering Australians to master their mortgages.


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