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Ah, home loans. They’re wonderful things. Right?

Well, many people would describe them as a huge pile of debt that takes a lifetime to repay. But in the way we see the world, a mortgage can be your friend. With the right rate and the right structure, a home loan can be the vehicle that allows you to grow your wealth, build a stable home for your family, and change the paint colour of that nasty ‘70s bathroom you’ve been enduring as a renter for the past 4 years.  

But as much as we’re home loan cheerleaders here at uno, once you get yourself into the right loan, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. And by that we mean, you want to pay it down as quickly as you can so you can live out your days blissfully and smugly mortgage-free. Refinancing to a lower interest rate or a better loan structure can – along with a bit of old-fashioned savings, discipline and cleverness – help you do just that.

See, because it’s the biggest financial thing most of us will do in our lifetimes, we figure that a happy home loan can help support a happy household. And that’s why we’re committed to creating blog posts, home loan guides, calculators, podcasts and other bits and pieces that aim to help Australians get a better deal on their property finance. We’re determined to create more informative and useful material than anyone else – and we always endeavour to keep you at least a little entertained along the way.

As a catch-all, every article we’ve written on the topic is linked from this page. Think of it as the ultimate all-you-can-read buffet of property and mortgage content.

If you’re looking for our most popular pieces, you can jump straight to our Mortgage Calculators or our guides for First Home Buyers, Refinancers, Property Buyers, and Investors. Our blog home page has all of our latest and greatest pieces, too.

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